11 Oct 2021

10 Most Popular Reverbs in the KVR Marketplace

IK’s CSR: Classic Studio Reverb scores high for value and best sound

KVR has published their readers' choice for the 10 Most Popular Reverbs of All Time and IK's CSR: Classic Studio Reverb is in the top three. And when you consider that's it's by far the least expensive of the 10, you realize what a great value it is.

The top 10 collection includes reviews by readers for each of the reverb plug-ins. In this user review of our CSR: Classik Studio Reverb, the writer compares classic analog gear to what makes a reverb plug-in great or not. We agree with the conclusion!

"In the early 70s, when I was working in the studio, we had all the analog accoutrements. The reverbs were positively killer... an EMT plate (240 IIRC) and an AKG spring unit that cost thousands of dollars. Still, in its infancy, digital technology was cutting edge and the PC and internet had not yet been invented.

"Today's technology is light years ahead of what we used back then. For me, only one VSTe reverb comes to mind as the closest to emulating the sound of those early studio EMT and AKG units and that is CSR from IK Multimedia.

This is my go-to reverb because the sound is extremely complex, effervescent, detailed and rich.

KVR user review

"I think that most would agree that the best reverbs meld more of a "feeling" to the signal and less of something that the listener actively "hears"... I'd simply call this musicality.

"For my money, CSR Classic Studio Reverb from IK Multimedia is the best value if you want professional sounding reverb with some knockout presets, excellent parameter control and full automation!

"My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw that today, a license for the full-blown download product is available for only $49.00... this is a no-brainer!!"

Learn more on CSR: Classic Studio Reverb

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