8 Oct 2021

PraiseTracks demos The Resonator

Join Simeon Amburgey for some authentic pickin’ and grinnin’

In a recent post to his YouTube channel, Simeon Amburgey explores the sounds and performance features of The Resonator, IK's latest sound library for SampleTank 4.

Simeon is a great keyboard player and arranger. He's also an enthusiastic reviewer of software for keyboard players with many published videos.

If you're curious about how realistic The Resonator sounds, watch and enjoy as Simeon takes us down memory lane. Be sure and catch his original song towards the end.

Quotes along the way

"There are so many beautiful instruments out there that capture different types of emotions and genres and that's why we need different instruments for different types of arrangements.

"With IK's latest library for SampleTank 4, they partnered with Indiginus Sounds and brought us a beautiful instrument called The Resonator. Let's take a look.

It's just a lot of fun when you get into playing this. The sound is so unique. It just has that really unique tone that comes with the dobro.

Simeon Amburgey

"It actually has key switches built-in with these slides. And that is the magic of the dobro, those slides, that personality. It's very cool.

"It gives you the ability to play a harmony when you're playing a single note. Let's take a listen to that. You still have the key switches for the slides up and down. You can adjust the note of the harmony.

"Another cool thing about The Resonator is that it uses SampleTank's arpeggiator or the strummer engine. You've got different things for all the instruments. We can go down to The Resonator, pull down a list of presets, chords and playing patterns.

"It's just a really interesting pattern generator. You have just so many things that you can do. It gives you the feel of that picking and that motion that comes with doing that style."

Learn more on The Resonator


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