17 Jun 2022

New Update for Syntronik 2

Thank you for making the Group Buy such a success!

The recent Syntronik 2 Group Buy was a complete success bringing all 33 synths into the hands of over 3,000 new users! Thank you for being part of it and we trust you are enjoying the new sounds.

That said, several issues were raised by users during and immediately following the Group Buy. We're pleased to announce that all of these issues are resolved in a new update.

Syntronik 2.0.3 is now available for Mac/PC.

This new version includes fixes for the issues listed below as well as optimizes a few other functions and features.

We recommend all Syntronik 2 users update to version 2.0.3 for the best experience. And we thank you for your continued support.

To get updated on Mac/PC, launch the IK Product Manager, go to Manage My Products, and use the Update button next to Syntronik 2.

Changes from version 2.0.2:

  • Fixed a bug where Multis using a Syntronik 1 preset were not loaded correctly
  • Improved GUI clarity on Windows systems using lower-resolution displays
  • Fixed a bug where the pitch bend range was displayed incorrectly on the Edit panel
  • Fixed a bug on the SH-V panel where the Osc 2 controls were reversed
  • Fixed a bug on the VCF3 panel where the BPM Sync and Osc 2 controls were reversed
  • Fixed a bug in the 99 Synth where Syntronik 1 presets were missing the 12dB filter slope
  • Fixed a bug on the Modulum panel where controllers were recalled incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where time DAW signature changes could cause an audio glitch
  • Fixed a bug where Syntronik 1 preset Porta and Glide knobs recalled incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug in where Syntronik 1 presets incorrectly displayed the filter slopes for the C and R Type filters
  • General reliability improvements

Learn more about Syntronik 2 here.


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